Eti More

Eti More - Sculpture & Paintings

More is a connoisseur of contour.

With a lifetime devoted to developing her unique fingerprint, More focuses on the human figure, sculpting it in endless and fascinating variations, solo and in groups. The elongated, flat, faceless figures, often lacking gender, are surprisingly eloquent. 

More applies loving order and elegant gestures to various materials - iron, stainless steel, polymers, plexiglass, laser cutting, and Papier-mache. 

Also a painter, More experiments with oil, tar, chalk, industrial paint and spray to create sophisticated compositions.

A master of minimalist gestures, More works in layers, both in sculpture and in paint, a metaphor to the layers that make up human beings. 

 She begins with a gesture that catches her attention, a slope of a shoulder, a tilt of a head, the lift of a chin, a bare arm braced upon a table. She then translates that into a series of sketches, sometimes hundreds before executing the sculpture.

When two or more of her figures are grouped in one piece, one can almost eavesdrop on their conversation. 

Work process

The creation of my artwork begins in a unique moment that captures my attention, it could be a person, a body movement, or an atmosphere, which calls me to turn it into a painting or a sculpture, and then an invisible hand pulls me to the studio. The creative process in the studio depends on my mood and the place I'm in my life, sometimes the drawing evolves slowly in stages until the final product, and sometimes I through color from an unexplained feeling inside me, and everything flows without thinking or planning.

The Studio

The studio is the place where dreams come true, the thoughts and the dreams become action and a creation, a sculpture or a painting.

The studio is a greenhouse, a warm and supporting place, a place where ideas are realized.


The New School New York, NY Metal Sculpture 1994-95
The New School New York, NY Painting & Sculpture 1985-87
Parsson's School of Design New York, NY Sculpture 1979-80
Bat Yam Art Institute Israel Majored in ART 1969-72
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